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Gift Cards are a lovely way to gift food items. They are,

  • Easy to purchase and send to recipient
  • Suitable for businesses gifting food items to staff and associates
  • Perfect for diasporas sending gift of food items to family or friends
  • Good for influencers wanting to giveaway food items to fans
  • Great for sending gifts to multiple recipients at once (no stress, save time)

Sending a gift card to your friends, family, colleagues or employees to shop is better than sending them food items because

  • It takes away the stress associated with buying the food items
  • You do not have to worry about delivering the food items

Recipients who receive gift cards to buy food items are 100 times happier because

  • they can pick the food items they really need
  • they value the gifts more than when specific food items are sent to them

Securing your gift card

  • Your gift-card is always a unique code please keep them safe and protected.

Using your gift card

  • A gift card code will be sent to the email provided for receiver.
  • Input this code in the apply coupon or enter gift card space to redeem gift card amount before shopping or at checkout

Re-Use of Unfinished balance

  • If you have a balance remaining on your gift card, same code will be used to shop again


Please click here to purchase the gift card