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Cassava farming

Invest in cassava farming from the comfort of your home and receive guaranteed passive income annually. A cycle takes 11 – 12months from land clearing to harvesting to sale. For this reason, you earn returns annually once the harvest output have been sold to our guaranteed buyers (off-takers).

How to invest in cassava farming with TundeLaniran Farms:
You can invest in cassava farming with us in two (2) ways.

1) Buy farm land and Enroll in our Farm Management Service.

We cultivate, manage and pay 31% return on investment per cycle of 12 months. Please note that you only receive a return on the cultivation of your farm land. The farm land you have bought is an investment of its own.

Buying farming land from us and enrolling your farm land in our farm management service can be done in 7 (seven) simple steps:

  • Begin the documentation Begin the documentation process. ownership documentation such as Land purchase agreement, Land Survey and allocation.
  • Fill and submit the Farm management registration form  click here
  • Sign the farm management agreement contract;
  • Pay cultivation cost towards the cultivation of your farm land click here
  • Software set-up by our technical team for monitoring farm progress
  • Receive your investment returns at the end of cycle

2) Buy our cassava investment package  and earn a return of 10 – 11% per cycle of 12 months. This investment package is N 1,000,000 (One million Naira) $2,427.18 per slot. (ONLY 200 SLOTS AVAILABLE)

Buying one or more slots from our cassava investment package can be done in 4 (Four) simple steps:

  • Pay for your slot(s) towards the cassava investment package
  • Fill and submit the cassava investment package registration form click here
  • Sign the cassava investment agreement contract
  • Receive your investment returns at the end of the cycle

To begin, please fill the registration form(s) for farm management or cassava investment package on our website or download the forms online and send the completed form to farminvestment@tundelaniranfarms.com

Click Here to fill the farm management registration form
Click Here to fill the cassava investment package registration form

Why you should invest in cassava farming with us

  • This is the only passive investment that you can earn a decent return on your money without actively getting involved.
  • Earn steady and consistent returns on your investments
  • Guaranteed sale of harvest to our cassava processing unit (i.e your return is secured)
  • Available software with automatic notifications for monitoring progress of farming activities
  • You can schedule a visit to your farm land & investment. We are not ghost farmers. We will arrange for transportation and accommodation if required
  • We have vast knowledge and experience in cassava cultivation
  • Access to a dedicated farm manager
  • You will be supporting the Nigerian agriculture value chain in your own way
  • Helping to reduce unemployment of skilled and unskilled agricultural labor force
  • You will be doing your part in bringing the Nigerian dream of diversification into reality