I need assurance that I'm in a safe hand and that business with you is transparent?

One of our goals is to make sure that we bring added value to everyone that buys farm land from us and it is not necessarily to make money but because we see land as an appreciating asset

Is there going to be any extra payment after the breakdown of all cost of owning the land?

Yes all of the breakdown which are :
– cost of the land
– 10% land purchase agreement fee
– Land survey and allocation cost
– farm management registration fee
– cost of cultivating
– 1.5% processing fee

These are all the costs associated with buying a farm land from us and enrolling in our farm management service

When you decide to enroll in our farm management service for the next cycle, we easily roll over your cost of cultivation for the next cycle and your pay out will be your return for the ended cycle of 12 months

In the instance where you enroll in our farm management service and you decide that would like to opt out, your pay out will include your cultivation cost and your return for that cycle which is a 12 months period

In the case where you do not want to enroll in our farm management service, the farm management registration fee and the cost of cultivation will be excluded.

But then how is the profit shared?

If you have paid a cultivation cost of N 211,500 to cultivate cassava on an Acre of land, We usually expect about 9 – 10 tons of cassava from that acre. We will use 9tons for our calculations because we always factor in risk.
We deduct a 20% management fee and we also include a risk factor of 10%. So the return to the farm land owner is about 280,000 which is approximately 31% return on the invested sum (cost of cultivation)

If prices of cassava go up, the returns will also be higher. What brings us joy is to do better than we tell farm land owners

At harvest, current price of a ton is N35,000

Which means the output will produce N 315,000 in sales.

Is the management fee to be collected every circle?


When and how to I obtain the necessary documents of land ownership?

Once you have made payments towards your farm land, we will send you a payment receipt to acknowledge the receipt of your payment.

We will request for information from you that will be required to process your land purchase agreement.

You will also be required to have two witnesses you will sign as witness to the sale.

A soft copy of your land purchase agreement will be sent to you and your witnesses to append their signatures. We will send the hard copy of the land purchase agreement to your preferred mailing address or if you prefer you can pick it up from our office.

The land purchase agreement takes 4weeks.

Then we begin process of your land survey document and allocation which will take 8 weeks. Same thing, we will mail the document to you or you can pick up from our office.


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    How much can I earn yearly after purchasing a farm land and farm management?

    • Good day sir , sorry for the late reply kindly contact our customers service for such information on 08165023600

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